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Welcome to 'corePHP'

Professional Overview: As the CEO of OMWEB MEDIA and the driving force behind 'corePHP', I, Manvendra Singh Bhati, bring over nine years of rich experience in the computer software industry. My journey from Jodhpur, India, to the global digital marketing arena is fueled by a passion for innovation and excellence.

Our Expertise: At 'corePHP', we blend the art of front-end development with the science of PHP programming. This unique combination empowers us to craft bespoke websites and applications that resonate with our client's vision. Our team's proficiency extends across various platforms, including Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, and more, ensuring versatility and quality in our solutions.

Technical Skills and Services:

  • Proficient in web programming languages: PHP, mySQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Skilled in PHP frameworks like cakePHP, WordPress, and CodeIgniter.
  • Expertise in frontend technologies: HTML, Bootstrap, DataTables, jQuery.
  • Mastery in SEO, enhancing website visibility and engagement.
  • Digital marketing services: Lead Generation, SEM, SMO, Email Marketing.
  • Proficient in tools like GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects).
  • Web hosting management expertise: Cpanel, DirectAdmin, IIS, DNS management.

Our Approach: Data-driven strategies are at the heart of our operations. As a Google Analytics Certified Data Scientist and an Excel Master, I leverage data analytics to optimize campaigns and achieve measurable results. Our team is adept at managing social media content, online reputation, and tracking digital marketing performance.

Commitment to Excellence: At 'corePHP', we are committed to delivering tailored, results-driven digital marketing solutions. Our goal is to ensure your online presence is impactful, engaging, and aligned with your objectives.

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  • `corePHP’ will custom build any site to fit your specifications.
  • Image processing with Photoshop and Web Design
  • Mobile web site maker.

Adobe illustrator vector graphics
Motion Araphics

My Work

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